Cinderella Solution Review: I Tried It! And Here’s My Review

If you are out of motivation, then you should read this Cinderella Solution review. It is built on the guidelines of the world healthiest country. I have lost weight with it. You will be sorry if you skip this weight loss guide.

I was overweight (or I can say obese) since my college days. I wasn’t able to keep my mouth shut when I saw food on my table.

My mom used to shout on me, “It is not your duty to finish everyone’s plate. Have control on my mouth.”

Fat Loss Over 35I tried many diets and miracle shakes (I used to fear from exercise) and got results from them. But I never able to achieve my ideal bod yweight and nail it there. I am sure it is familiar to you.

You may have tried diet plan and exercise, got the excitement of losing some pounds but got your lost weight back with some bonus.

For me, controlling my weight was more difficult than losing it. Not that losing is easy, but it is difficult to stick in your ideal body weight once you achieve it.

This yo-yo effect of brief success and failure pulls you down and you gave up. I know I’ve been there.

The problem is most weight loss plans are too much scientific, and they want you to create your own meal plan. In fact, they want you to walk with a kitchen scale everywhere and measure every bite you eat.

Who has the time for all this? No one. Most weight loss plans are based on theories, that’s why they sound good, but in practical, they are impossible. They are also difficult to sustain for the long-term.

That’s why even the best diet plan works for some time but not forever. These diet plans are not sustainable, which leads to weight rebound.

Now, let me tell you, Carly’s Cinderella Solution is completely different from all those plans that I tried in the past. Not only because it is dead simple and easy to follow but also because it is sustainable for the long term.

Stay with me as in this Cinderella Solution review I am going to tell you more about this program to help you decide if it will work for you.

Who Is The Author?

Carly Donovan

I think it is good to start this Cinderella Solution review by talking about its author.

Carly Donovan is a fitness instructor and also the creator of Cinderella Solution program. She is in the fitness industry for the past ten years and created her reputation as a female fat loss specialist in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Being overweight in the past, she also suffered from weight rebounds and short-span successes that come with traditional calorie-restricting diets until she developed her own flavor-pairing strategy.

After losing 84 pounds with this flavor-pairing strategy, she tested this method on her clients, and all of them achieve fantastic weight loss results. Most importantly, they never gained their weight back after losing it with this flavor-pairing strategy.

What Is Cinderella Solution eBook All About?

Carly Donovan created this weight loss system for all those women who are tired of using traditional weight loss methods and want to lose weight once and for all. This program works for every woman, regardless of age and fitness level.

Cinderella Solution

Carly Donovan’s Cinderella Solution works on healing body from inside-out to help you achieve fast and permanent weight loss.

Carly has provided scientifically proven approach using weight loss rituals of the healthiest, fittest and happiest nations of the world like ‘Flavor-Pairing’ along with 2-phase approach (‘Ignite’ & ‘Launch’) to give you fast, safe and permanent weight loss.

You can consider this guide as a route towards looking good and feeling better. In short, A CINDERELLA WAY.

This program doesn’t recommend extravagant exercises, fad diets, high-protein diet, or low-carb diet that most so-called fitness gurus suggest these days.

This book also contains four weight-loss ritual categories from the fittest, healthiest, thinnest, and happiest nations of the world.

Now we look about its 2-Phase approach in this Cinderella Solution review.

Components of Cinderella Solution: What’s Inside the Program?

The Cinderella Solution contains two main components along with two bonuses. Here are the details:

(1) Cinderella Solution – Main Book & Owner’s Manual

Cinderella Solution - Main Book & Owner’s ManualThis is the 93-page guide that explains how the system works and why it works. This guide is especially for those women who want to LEARN NOW and then start when they are ready. I prefer reading this manual over others because it shows you why specific information works so well.

Inside this manual, you will find Cinderella’s proven weight loss rituals such as “Food-Pairing” and “Nutrient-Timing,” along with two powerful weight loss approaches, “Ignite and Launch.” Consider this guide as a complete manual to everything Cinderella J

Cinderella Solution isn’t your another ‘quick-fix’ program that puts diet demand without telling you why you need to do it. The main goal of the Cinderella Solution is to heal your body inside-out to give you fast, safe, and permanent weight loss.

This owner’s manual is on-the-point, giving you everything that you need to get in the shape of your life.

Once you go through this manual, you will not have any question on what to do, and how to do.

(2) Cinderella Solution – Quick Start Guide:

Quick Start GuideThis is the 52-page guide created for those ladies who want to START NOW and then learn later.

This Quick-Start guide contains guidelines and instructions that will give you an understanding of how this system works. The author has done great work in explaining everything important thing in this Quick-Start guide. However, if you are looking for detailed information, then you need to choose the Owner’s manual.

This quick-start starts by telling you about two phases that are “Ignite” and “Launch.” Each of these phases is 14 days long. These phases created in such a way that they prepare your body for fast, safe, and permanent weight loss.

This book also teaches you how you can make your own custom meal by select the food that you love to eat. We all are different and even like different foods. So having the ability to choose our own food will make weight loss fun and exciting.

And the last part of this quick-start guide is dedicated to top 10 Flavor-Pairing and weight-loss combinations. These are scientifically proven weight-loss combinations that have been used by nations that are known to have a healthy and long life.

(BONUS 1) Cinderella Accelerator – 21 Day KickStart Nutrition Guide:

21 Day KickStart Nutrition GuideThe book is the part of the stand-alone weight loss program called Cinderella Accelerator that is for ladies who want to knock off as much weight in the first 21 days.

However, to understand the concept of this bonus book, it is important to see the owner’s manual so that you can remain focus more on what and how and less on why.

This 21-Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide follows the same approach but with the little difference.

While the main program focuses on two methods Ignite and Launch for two weeks each, this program relies on Ignite method for 21 days. The idea is to help a woman lose as much weight as possible in the first 21 days.

This book contains Accelerator Calendar that includes all meal including breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for one week. With the help of these meals, you can prepare for a weight loss plan for 21 days.

(BONUS 2) Cinderella Accelerator – Movement Sequencing Activity Guide:

Movement Sequencing Activity GuideCarly included this Movement Sequencing Activity Guide for those ladies who want to take a step forward towards total body transformation. Although exercises are not mandatory for weight loss with Cinderella Solution, if you wish to get a well-toned physique, then you should include Movement Sequencing workout in your life.

This Movement Sequencing Activity is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you never did any exercise before, you can scale up or down according to your comfort and ease.

This activity guide provides three different movement sequencing cycles; these are:

  • 1 Cycle – Every Other Day
  • 2 Cycle – Three Days On/One Day Off
  • 3 Cycle – Three Days On/One Day Off (Advanced)

Carly has included the link to access a digital library where you can watch every exercise before performing it. Your safety should be your top-most priority.

Carly recommends taking different body measurements before starting out with this Movement Sequencing method. This is important because the main goal is to have a well-toned physique.

There is a whole section on Movement Sequencing Workout that contains fourteen different workouts. These workouts are easy, and as you grow, you can increase reps or time to get perfect hourglass body shape.

How Does It Really Work? (2-Phase Approach)

Cinderella Solution is the 28-day plan that contains two 14-day phases.

Phase #1 – Ignite:


This is the 2-week phase that works as the cleansing detoxification by activating your fat-burning hormones.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to starve yourself. You don’t need to deprive your body from essential nutrients. In fact, in this phase, you will be consuming ‘fat-fighting’ foods that mobilize fat from fat-storing places such as butt, belly, hips, under the arms and thighs.

This phase will balance your all fat-burning hormones by eliminating foods that harm your body and increasing foods that do good.

Phase #2 – Launch:

LAUNCH PHASEThis 2-week phase will take your weight loss to the next level by taking advantage of your new and enhanced metabolism.

Once your enhanced metabolism starts working, you will introduce your favorite foods into the body that will give you exceptional energy all day long.

In this phase, you will learn how to introduce new nutrient and vitamin profile into your body that backed with Cinderella’s ‘Flavor-Pairing,’ and ‘nutrient timing’ rituals.

What Makes It Different Than Other Weight Loss Plan?

I feel this Cinderella Solution review will remain incomplete if I don’t talk about this with you.

You should be aware of what Cinderella Solution will do in your body before buying it.

Cinderella Solution combines ‘Flavor-pairing’ rituals with 2-phase cycle. It boosts energy and makes you feel more active.

The extra snacks you eat in the day or at late night contributes to 55% added body fat. This program suppresses the cravings of the human body.

This stops weight loss plateaus. This process of weight loss doesn’t stop even when you are sleeping.

It boosts the fat-burning hormones in the body. So with the new and enhanced metabolism, you will be burning fat rapidly.

Is Cinderella Solution For You?

Carly Donovan highlights the most effective way to control your ‘fat-burning hormones’ that will allow you to burn persistent body fat from your body.

You will get a regimen that is easy to follow, and it doesn’t need you to give up your favorite foods.

Cinderella Solution is for all those women who are unable to lose weight despite having a strict calorie-restrict diet.

Carly has developed this program only for women. And it is making women feel more confident and happier.

At the end of this Cinderella Solution review, I would like to say; this is the perfect weight loss program for women who wants to make a change in her life. It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee, so there is no risk in trying it out.





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